Hi Everyone…Pastor Bill here…

Just an update on our Mexico Missions Trip this summer.  cabo

Someone has donated some scholarship money for this trip.
If you need financial help, we are now able to reduce the cost of the trip by $200, from $550 to $350.
That is available for those who need the help.
For this price, this trip will be limited to 5-6 people.

The dates of the trip are June 28-July 13.
We are flying to San Diego, and driving for 2 1/2 days to Cabo San Lucas.
We will drive our way back to San Diego, and fly home from there.

We will minister in churches doing either teaching/worship/testimonies…or…doing outreaches.
It all depends on what the churches desire.

We will stop in 7 cities, and serve at 8 churches.

Who should go?
You!…if you feel inspired by God.

Opportunities to serve will include…
1. Giving your testimony.
2. Drama or music.
3. Hanging out with a youth group…some youth speak English.
4. Helping set up for outreaches.
5. Preparing and distributing food at outreaches, passing out clothes in poor areas.
6. Teaching adolescents or youth, if you are gifted at teaching.
7. Encouraging and praying for the team…being there to help in a myriad of ways.
8. Just being there, being available, and seeing how God wants to use you.

A $250 deposit will secure your place on the trip.
It will be used to purchase your plane ticket to and from San Diego.
If you have to drop out of the trip, you still have flight credit with Southwest Airlines for a year.
The rest of the money isn’t due until the time of the trip.

We will be roughing it, staying in people’s homes or sleeping on cots in churches.

Let me know…
If you want to go, email me first.
Let’s make sure that this trip is a good fit for you.



Looking forward…blessings all…
Pastor Bill


Edify is the college ministry of Cornerstone Ministries, Napa. 
We will be traveling to South Baja, Mexico from June 10-23.   

Information for the trip can be found here.  If you are considering going, please read the information listed here, which includes, costs, flight information, and other essential items.

More information will be coming as the time draws near.
Please check this page periodically as we approach the dates for the trip.

The trip will cost $650.  If you are interested in more information regarding the trip, email me and let me know. This trip is limited to 14 people, so if you are interested, email me asap. Please read the information page thoroughly before contacting me.

Blessings…Pastor Bill


Construction Progress

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Thanks to Pastor John Lukas and the brothers from Calvary Chapel Of The Foothills for their great effort in building a roof for our palapa/classroom.

Thanks so much guys.  Thanks to Ted Susan as well for transporting the wood, and to Abel for his efforts also in transportation.


Mexico Missions Trip: March 26-April 2.

Destination: San Francisco de las Sierras, 1 1/2 hours east of Vizcaino in the mountains above the Vizcaino Valley.

We will be staying at Hostel Buenadventura, which can sleep 14 people. We will be doing some home repair for the locals, interacting with the local school, and having nightly ministry with the community. Our entire trip will be in the Sierras. The Hostel is safe, has hot and cold running water, showers, and toilets.  This will be a new adventure for us.

The team will be limited to 14 people.  Two team leaders are confirmed (Pastor Bill & Victor Mayoral). The first 12 people to sign up can go.  Book your own flight and email me a confirmation of your itinerary, and you will be included.

Click here for photos of Hostel Buenadventura.

Cost is $400 plus airfare.  Passport is required.  First timers must fill out a missions application located on Missions Board in the foyer.

We will fly on Southwest Airlines from Oakland to San Diego, and drive from San Diego. Book your ticket as soon as you are sure that you are going. Ticket prices increase according to availability. The flight information is listed here.

Current price for airfare is $169.40 as of 2/5/2011.  Total cost is $570.

Please email Pastor Bill Walden if you are planning on going. pastorbillwalden@gmail.com.  Please include a copy of your flight itinerary as a confirmation that you are going.

Depart: OAKLAND CA TO SAN DIEGO CA   ( Travel Time: 1 hrs 25 mins )
Date Flight Flight Information
Sat Mar 26 1414 Depart OAKLAND CA (OAK) at 06:35 AM
Arrive in SAN DIEGO CA (SAN) at 08:00 AM
Return: SAN DIEGO CA TO OAKLAND CA   ( Travel Time: 1 hrs 25 mins )
Date Flight Flight Information
Sat Apr 2 1512 Depart SAN DIEGO CA (SAN) at 4:05 PM
Arrive in OAKLAND CA (OAK) at 5:30 PM

New Year’s Outreaches, 2010/11

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Cornerstone Ministries will bring in the new year with CC Vizcaino.  The band Efasis from Tijuana will be playing at a New Year’s Eve outreach in Vizcaino, and then on Jan. 1 in Bahia Tortugas.

The band returns to Tijuana Jan. 2, and Cornerstone will stay and do outreaches in Bonfil, Santa Rosalia, and in San Francisco de las Sierras.

During that week, Pastor Petey Kim will be sharing a purity seminar with the youth at CC Vizcaino.

Cornerstone departs Jan. 7 and will be home Jan. 8

Flight Information For October

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For those who will join us for the October Christian Leadership Conference:

For those flying out of Northern California, the flight information is posted below:

Sun Oct 10 0265 Depart SACRAMENTO CA (SMF) at 1:00 PM
Arrive in SAN DIEGO CA (SAN) at 2:25 PM
Sat Oct 16 2035 Depart SAN DIEGO CA (SAN) at 4:40 PM
Arrive in SACRAMENTO CA (SMF) at 6:15 PM

We will be flying on Southwest airlines.  Book your own flight asap.  The current price as of 9/3/2010 is $179.40.

The prices go up according to seat availability.  Click here to go to the Southwest Airlines page.

If you are a first timer in going to Mexico with us, please be sure to talk with Pastor Bill before booking your flight. Passports are required.  Total price for the trip is currently $450, which includes air travel, ground travel, rooming and food.

Ministry News, July 2010

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Here is a link to the latest ministry news in Vizcaino.  Thanks to Keri Goo for writing this.